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Foozys Mens Diabetic Socks

Men's Diabetic

Men's Diabetic

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    Men's Diabetic Socks

    •  Non-Binding Cushioned Doctor Approved Diabetes And Circulation Socks
    • Doctor approved Diabetic socks for men by Foozys. Perfect for all those with diabetes and circulation issues, these socks help keep your feet dry, increase comfort, and reduce your risk of foot injury.
      • Enjoy Maximum Comfort - These diabetic socks have a non-binding loose fit top so that they do not constrict your legs in any way and a full cushion for better comfort. The perfect blend of quality, function and design.
        • Superior Quality & Fit - Fits shoe sizes 6 -12. Made of premium materials for the finest fit, quality and comfort. Material: 85% Cotton, 6% Spandex, 6% Polyester, 3% Elastic. Each pack includes One Pair of diabetic socks.
          • Durable & Long Lasting - All Foozys socks are made to last. They are not thin or flimsy and will not rip like other diabetic socks. They make a great gift for those with diabetic or circulation problems.
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